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About Us


The mission of St. Johns Presbyterian Kindergarten and Preschool is to provide a witness to the love and nurture of Jesus to young children and their families. It is our hope that they will be touched by Jesus and will come to know Him personally.

But Jesus called the children to Him and said, "Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these." Luke18:16


We help children experience Jesus' love through wise teachers who try to be living examples of the Christian faith. Children are accepted as they are, with love and trust, and encouraged to like themselves. They can then look beyond themselves to a real and loving God, to others and to the world.


The history of St. Johns Presbyterian Kindergarten begins in 1959 with its founder, Mary Archibald. She and her pastor, the Rev. Ed Hay, of St. Johns Presbyterian Church, arranged to move her school to the new Children's Building at the church. Thanks to her generosity, St. Johns was blessed from its beginning with many gifts: her delightful child-satisfying program, her instinctive choice of capable Christian teachers, and her own example as she led the school in its first few years. Mrs. Archibald's spirit and many of the traditions which she brought with her continue to be a part of St. Johns today. The Kindergarten has always been an integral part of St. Johns Presbyterian Church, with oversight by the Session. Its mission for Jesus Christ, as He is loving friend of children and wise counselor for parents, is basic to the Kindergarten's existence.


The thought likely to occur to anyone reading a history is the question, "How have things changed?" At St. Johns, what has changed are its size, numbers, equipment and higher professional standards to meet 21st century requirements for faculty and curriculum. What has NOT changed is the spirit surrounding the school. The joy of learning is evident in the children's snapshots in the 1960's can still be seen in the little ones who are laughing and singing today. There has never been a change in the loving concern for each child's progress. A firm foundation for spiritual growth and for a well-balanced education continues, as always, to be built at St. Johns.  

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