Director:  Gai Gai Quarterman

Administrative Assistant:  Sandie Jackson

Mother's Morning Out:  Sandy Hulsberg 

Pink Door 2's:  Jill Willis & Taylor Starling

Orange Door 2's: Kim Goff & Emily Hulsberg

Blue Door 3's:  Amie Jackson

Purple Door 3's:  Sarah McInnish & Melanie Montford

Pre I:  Lancy Hinson 

Pre II:  Kathleen Caddell & Charlene Sawyer

Music:  Cecelia Futo

Extended Day:  Sierra Stone & Kaye Bird

Standards Coach:  Elizabeth Jolley


Gail Wickenden, Chip Wickenden, Julianne Stratman, Mike Wright, and Becky Mentz. 

The SJPK Board is invaluable.  They supply expert guidance and tangible gifts to the school.